Outdoor Growing Part 1

Outdoor Growing Part 1
By J. Gunn, Expert Grower

With the outdoor growing season in full swing I thought it would be a good time to highlight one of my favorite Bloom Yellow Bottle products, Ooze. In the past, Ooze worked wonders for both indoor and outdoor grows. This season I've had the chance to put Ooze to the test with a real problem plant germinated from seed. Like anyone who has purchased seeds online I had a free Great White seed land a free slot in my clone room so I slotted it in with the others that would be moving to my outdoor grow.

All the plants were germinated and grown for the first 90 days indoors in a 15'x8' room with humidity and heat control, along with LED lighting for the primary light source. I fed once a week and did a secondary watering on day 4 while inside. This is necessary since it can snow until mid May which doesn't allow for a healthy outdoor only grow. Everything was fine until around day 82 when I noticed the Great White was transitioning to flower. Not knowing the Great White was an auto-flower I had given a hearty feeding and a full mid-week watering. So not only was I unable to pre-flower feed for the transition, it also resulted in bad leaf burn, this forced me to trim back important fan leafs that had died off and keep some that had tip and edge burn on the leaves. Needless to say this plant was in tough shape and a perfect candidate to see what Bloom nutrients could do for this little plant. Now on day 112 and even with all the leaf burn, she is happy and producing nice bud nodes with exceptional resin production. 7 days prior to starting Ooze I did a photoshoot to track the before and after resin production. I am blown away with how quickly the plant is frosting over and how strong it got while still indoors.

Once the weather was good enough to transfer them outside I start by cycling the heat off during the night hours to prep the plants for the move outside. All plants are germinated in rockwool cubes then transferred at the appropriate time to a 2 gallon smart-pot. They stay in this size until they are transferred into the main greenhouse, once outside I re-pot them into 45 gallon smart-pots. They are then topped with chunk perlite to help reduce mold and insect incursion. The greenhouse is constructed of 2”x4” treated lumber with edge 2”x2”s for the corners joined together with metal bracketing. The roof is a single run of insect netting with an 18% UV filter. The sides of my greenhouse consist of a double run of 90% opacity and constructed at 6 mils thick. The structure has a footprint of 14'x8' and is a 8'8” tall. This gives ample room for the plants to reach heights over eight feet.

I use a run to waste system in my outdoor greenhouse and have been using the corresponding feeding schedule modified to fit with a 30 week feeding chart. In the 7 days since introducing Ooze I've documented nearly a 75% increase in trichome development. Keep in mind this plant had massive stresses introduced at the start of flowering and now its development is strong. Over the next month I look forward to posting it's progress and will continue to capture the changes with corresponding photos.

Not only has trichome production increased but bud density is already fantastic. Another unexpected bonus is the wonderful aromas coming from this now vibrant and strong plant. Great White historically hasn't been well known for a strong aroma, yet this small plant is quite pungent Ooze's effect on this small plant has me excited to see what will happen in July when I can start applying it to my main grow. I want thank Jill and the great people at Bloom Yellow Bottle for their support, patience, and answers to my periodic question bombs.

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