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    Whether it's a genetic issue, or an environmental issue, plant stress inevitably can occur. The market is seeing more and more exotic strains. The constant crossing and the speed in which these hit the market prior to waiting for the genetics to stabilize, has led to increase in many plants "HERMING". Some growers that play around with these genetics, have shared that typically around week 3 / week 4, signs of herming are occurring.

    BLOOM ULTRA™ can be used as a remedy if plants are stressed and are changing to hermaphrodite or male flowers – a high application of ‘bloom ULTRA’ will stop this from happening.

    You now have an solution , and it's ORGANIC!

    Herm Treatment suggestions:

    The first signs of herming

    1. Apply 8-16 ml / gallon each day for 3 days in a row

    For those knowing which week their plants tend to herm:

    1. Apply 14-16 ml / gallon the WEEK PRIOR as a root drench as a pre-emptive
    2. The following week apply 8-16 ml / gallon each day for 3 days in a row
    3. Some success has also been seen from spot treating as a foliar spray (80 ml / gallon)

    Keep in mind, this will only work with plants that have hermmed, this treatment will not have an effect on plants that were male to begin with.


    GROWERS TIP: To maximize your flowering sites, pair with BLOOM FLORIGEN™