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    The Bloom Screen method of growing was created and perfected in Australia to counter act the restrictions of plant count that some areas face. This style of growing enabled many growers to stay within their limits but still produce high yields from their harvest.

    The concept is simple. "The Bigger the Tree, the Bigger the Fruit". Using Bloom Yellow Bottles unique organic nutrients, we assist in the plants natural desire to grow, and train it to bring out it's highest potential.

    Restrictive Plant Counts does not need to be the end of high producing growers. Stay within your plant count and never go hungry.


    The BLOOM SCREEN ™ Setup

    GROW ROOM: 12 feet x 12 feet
    POT SIZE: 25 gallon
    GROW MEDIUM: Coco Coir
    • Ceiling Lights - 12 x 1000 w  (1 light per 1 sq. yard)
    • Floor - 8 x 400 w (1 light per 2 sq. yards)
    • Fans
    • Concrete mesh ( thickness of ⅛” and 6” ind. squares)
    • Juvenile plant that has been topped at the clone stage



    VEG CYCLE I - Light Cycle @ 24 hours

    Transplant your juvenile plant into a 25 gallon pot
    When the branches reach 2 feet, weave them through 1st mesh so they are growing in opposing directions to help fill them room
    At around 6 weeks turn on floor lights, raise the above lights and introduce the 2nd mesh.
    Before the plant hits the second mesh apply ”Bloom PRE”

    FLOWER CYCLE I - Light Cycle @ 12 hours

    Once the plant reaches the 2nd mesh, add the 3rd mesh and apply
    ”Bloom ULTRA”.
    Immediately turn the lights off for 36 hours.
    Turn lights on and Introduce your 3rd mesh.
    Around 10-14 days prior to your typical harvest date-harvest the tops of the plant.
    Lower the lights. Apply ”Bloom PHAT, Bloom OOZE & Bloom S.W.T.N.R.”
    Apply ”Bloom OOZE & Bloom FINAL” the last two weeks before your next harvest.
    After 2 weeks harvest all the buds off the plant

    - Light Cycle @ 24 hours

    Trim the plant about a ⅓ of a foot below the 2nd mesh.

    Take a large carving knife and cut about a foot around the perimeter of the stem, cutting the exterior perimeter of the roots - DON’T remove anything from the pot. Apply ”Bloom ROOTS & Bloom SEAFUEL”
    Remove the top mesh and drop the lights.
    Veg for 2 weeks.
    ”Bloom GROW A + Bloom GROW B & Bloom PRE”

    - Light Cycle @ 12 hours

    Repeat STEPS from FLOWER CYCLE I


    ***Genetics do play a factor in this but most strains can endure at least 2 veg cycles equaling 4 harvests.