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    Store Spotlight

    Palmdale Hydroponics & America's Best Hydroponics and Garden Center

    Palmdale Hydroponics & America's Best Hydroponics and Garden Center

    Whether you're growing hydroponic herbs on the windowsill of your apartment or operating a full-service hydroponic greenhouse, we have what you need! Palmdale Hydroponics (East location) and America's Best Hydroponics & Garden Center (West location) has been the Antelope Valley's ONLY one-stop grow shop for the last 11 years! We have the best prices, the best products, and the best advice for the best results; including our favorite from Bloom Yellow Bottles, Ooze! We strive to bring you new and innovative items by staying in the know about the latest products in the industry. Not only are we sellers, we have over 25 years of growing experience and test every product we put on the shelves. Come say HI to our owners Paul and Victoria, because whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower you'll find everything you need here, along with helpful advice!

    Palmdale Hydroponics (East Location)

    • 3020 E. Palmdale Blvd. "B", Palmdale, CA, 93551
    • (661) 274-7940

    America's Best Hydroponics (West Location)

    • 641 W. Palmdale Blvd. # D, Palmdale, CA
    • (661) 266-3906






    America's BestPalmdale HydroponicsBloom Yellow Bottles IN STOCK!

    Atwater Hydroponics

    Atwater Hydroponics

    We have been a family-run business for over 12 years and have carried Bloom since 2008. We provide kind and polite service to our customers and answer any and all questions they have in a patient manner. We get a lot of both soil and hydro growers so we’re busy all the time! You wont find any hard commission-based sales here: only 5000+ products to help you grow BIG and STRONG!  Stop by to visit Clerk Angus and check our favorite Bloom products: Silica, Ooze, and Phat. 

    3039 Roswell Street, Los Angeles CA 9003

    (323) 254-3400

    Mon - Fri 10 AM - 8 PM
    Sat 10 AM - 6 PM
    Sun 12 PM - 5 PM


    Green Thumb Hydroponic Supplies

    Green Thumb Hydroponic Supplies

    Green Thumb Hydroponic Supplies has proudly been in business for 16 years. Customers choose to shop here due to our AMAZING customer service. You can come in and ask for advice and we will do everything we can to help in any way.  We are family owned and operated, conveniently located in North Fort Myers, Florida. Although we offer a complete line of hydroponic systems and all the supplies needed to build your own hydroponic grow system, about half of our customers grow in soil- so we have the tools and solutions you need for YOUR garden.  We are busiest during the winter but we will always give you our undivided attention. We have carried Bloom Yellow Bottles for the last 6 years. I can't choose a favorite Bloom Yellow Bottles product because they're all great and do different things, our customers really like the Ooze and say their results were exactly what they wanted!

    Come say hello to our Owner Robert at 17031 N Cleveland Ave, N. Fort Myers Florida 33903. 

    • (239) 997-4769



    10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


    9:00 AM - 3:00 PM



    Galactic Garden Center

    Galactic Garden Center is a local garden center specializing in growing supplies, soil, amendments, fertilizers, seed propagation accessories and more. From grow to bloom to harvest- Galactic Garden Center is here to help with all of your gardening needs.  Serving the Red Bluff area for over two years, we offer an extensive selection of both growing products and gardening supplies.  After bringing the Bloom line in during April 2015, my valued customers are giving brilliant reviews of the additive Phat.  Come say hello to our Owner Heather and shop fish Phosphorous

    Galactic Garden Center
    22755 Antelope Blvd,
    Red Bluff CA
    (530) 527-1966

    Mon-Fri           9am-6pm
    Sat                11am-4pm
    Sun               11am-4pm

    Grofax Havana

    GroFax Havana is your one stop shop for all your growing and hydroponic needs. We have the knowledge and products to help the beginner or expert grower.
    Our main focus is high customer service and we're always available day or night, super friendly & we are able to deliver and special order for all your growing needs. One of our featured product lines is Bloom Yellow Bottles.  They have proven to be a high in demand product line with a huge following, specifically in the Cuban / Hispanic market.
    Come by the store today and meet up with our gorgeous puppy, Ashley.

    Jason LaRosa
    1929 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014
    (720) 767-1610
    10:00 am - 7:00 pm
    11:00 am - 6:00 pm
    12:00 pm - 5:00 pm